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Get back to the basics with simple workouts tailored for you.

First 12 Weeks $275

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Fill out a form

Give some basic info about your goals, equipment, time availability and any joint pain you've had recently. I'll contact you with a few follow-up questions.

Step 2

Get your program

Once I have all the relevant info, I'll send you a PayPal invoice. Your custom program will be uploaded to Google Drive so we can both view, edit and add comments.

Step 3

Get video coaching

Send me videos of your lifts so I can help with your form, and I'll answer any questions you have over email. You also get a private video training session every month.

Going Forward

Updates as needed

The program is updated every month and steadily progressed over time. As your schedule, goals and equipment change, I will alter the plan accordingly.

Programs For Any Goal

General Health

Focus on overall fitness, energy levels and mobility. Exercise to simply move and feel better in your body.


Build up to heavy loads intelligently, without ever pushing through joint pain or taking excessive risk.


Improve your gait, endurance and speed with reasonable progressions that won't ruin your joints over time.

Body Comp

Build lean mass or lose fat with challenging hypertrophy workouts coupled with sustainable nutrition habits.

Exceptional Service

Personalized to your goals
Written by a professional
Evidence-based workouts
Sustainable habits
Coaching by email & video
No generic programs
No amateur guesswork
No trendy gimmicks
No extreme diets
No struggling alone

I want to teach you how to lift weights correctly so you can minimize the risks and get great results.

Exercise shouldn't be about getting tired or hurt.

The goal is tangible improvement and feeling better.

Coach Matt Talley

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Are you ready to workout with confidence?

Would you like for everything you're doing to be part of an expertly-constructed plan to achieve your goals?